If We Weren’t All Crazy

We would all go insane.  Yes, that’s from a Jimmy Buffett song.  I’m not ashamed to say I listen to him.  I grew up in Mobile, AL.  Of course I listened to him.  By the time I was eight, I knew all the words to Why Don’t We Get Drunk.  If you never listened to it, just know that the next line is and screw.  Ha!

Image result for jimmy buffett

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Believe it or not, this post isn’t about Jimmy Buffett, or questionable songs sung by children.  It’s about how I feel a slight bit crazy.  Why?  Well, because I think about made up people and worlds.  A LOT.

It consumes my day.  I do manage to get actual work done while I’m at work, but if I happen to be walking to another building, or have five minutes before my next meeting, I find myself thinking about a story.  Or continuing a story.  It just creeps in.  A character, a line.  Hell, entire scenes cross my mind while I’m at the copy machine.

Does anyone else feel this way?  Do you also think about the stories you hope to write down?  Sometimes I’ll jot down a few sentences, or paragraphs.  That usually happens at lunch.  I’ll shove a sandwich in my mouth and type as fast as I can.  It usually ends up with a page full of spelling errors and a keyboard full of bread crumbs, and possibly peanut butter on the keys.

I’ll let the pages pile up before I ever start to take them seriously.  Why?  Because the scenes that I write on the whim usually are altered as the week goes on.  I’ll tweak what happens, or where.  Or think of a better line for my heroine.  I know you are supposed to wait to edit, but sometimes you just can’t.  Just like sometimes, when you least expect, a story crawls into your head, turning the wheels and forcing you to recognize these imaginary people.

Let me know if you do the same thing, or I am truly crazy.  Until next time


Missy Q




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