Me vs The Blog

Yes, blog.  Not blob.  No, I am not battling some 1950s monster.  Not in this heat anyway.  It’s 96 outside right now, but feel like 105.  Actually, it feels worse than that.  The bright side is I got to sit in my office at work today, where it stayed at 80.  I’m pretty sure I stink, and the cute eyeliner I had on this morning now looks like I went a round with Rocky.

(I was in the drive-thru line because I wasn’t cooking in this heat!)

Back to the blog.  I’m still trying to figure this thing out.  Not the writing part, that will come naturally, I hope.  No, I’m talking about the actual publishing, promoting, setting up part of the blog.  The part no one really looks at.  I wanted to keep a schedule of sorts for my posts.  3 days a week seemed sufficient.  However, every time I schedule for a post to go up, it never does.  And I can’t check on it during the day.

I may have gotten that part figured out today, but I know it will be something new tomorrow, or the day after.  I have to play with it, screw some things up, delete everything and then cry to figure this thing out.  So, just keep popping by if you don’t mind.  And if you show up one day and the post is just a picture of me crying, well then you know the blog won.

Until next time


Missy Q


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