Kickass Females

Let’s talk about movies for a minute.  Specifically, Wonder Woman.  Now, in case you’ve been living under a rock, Wonder Woman is the newest movie to the DC universe about Diana Prince, who, in case you had no clue, is Wonder Woman.

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    It’s been all over the news lately because of the fact that it’s a female lead character with a female director.  What, woman can do things?  Preposterous!   Turns out, we can.  Gal Gadot does an amazing job of playing our lead Diana Prince.  I’m sure there were rumblings about her getting the part.  There always are.  No one wanted Jennifer Lawrence to play the dark headed heroine in The Hunger Games,  but she killed that part and made millions of people fall in love with her.  Gal Gadot did the same thing.  

    Every little girl deserves someone to look up to.  And yes, Barbie can do just about anything.  But they also need superheroes.  They need woman who can walk into a room and kick ass. And Patty Jenkins makes sure that you get to see a bad ass Wonder Woman do just that.  It made me want to leave and go sign up for a kick boxing class, just in case I ever need to fight anyone in a dark alley (hopefully that will never happen).  It also made me want longer hair and a sword, but I digress.

    At no point in the movie do I ever feel like our heroine can’t do the job, which is crucial for me.  I don’t want to see our superhero need the help of Batman, or Superman, or just some guy who happens to be walking down the street.  Patty Jenkins made sure that she never appears weak when it comes to strength.  That caring about the lives around her is because she’s female and will ultimately lead to her downfall.  She never comes across as a damsel in distress, which is what usually happens.  Anytime she needs a hand, it’s not because she can’t do it herself, but because she knows she can’t do everything at the same time.

I’m sure there are plenty of critics out there who hated the movie or her or both.  But they’re crazy.  Because, while I have my gripes about Suicide Squad, and Batman vs Superman could have been better, I loved this movie.  I even loved that incredibly small costume.  Because when Wonder Woman climbs that ladder out of the trenches, her hair flowing, the music building, and the enemies realization that a woman is about to battle them head on, for a moment, you want to be her.  And that’s how a superhero movie should make you feel.

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